Why should we all wear flip flops?


Here are some Benefits of Flip Flop/Sandals?

When you think of Flip Flops you get the image of Sun, Sea and Holidays. However you might not think of wearing Flip Flops to a yoga class or a stroll round the shops however it might have a similar effect, along with some other surprising benefits that’ll make you want to slide into these fun summertime classics.

Time to Relax

Wearing flip flops, with their outrageous or simple design and that slap sound you get when walking, tells your mind that it’s summertime. Scientific research supports the fact that the apparel can affect your psyche as well. Cognitive psychologists from North-western University have studied the influence that clothes and flip flops have and found that they are with relaxation and fun and potentially will make you feel at ease and more relaxed.

So simple to wear.

Unlike your conventional shoe or complex sandals – the normal simple design of a flip flop is very easy to wear which is why most people will opt to wear them. Remember with flip flops there are no laces to tie or buckles or zips just simply slip on. With the thong design on a flip flop this means no socks can be worn and this means your feet and toes are open and free to the elements which adds to the liberating quality of flip flops.

Flip Flops






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