What to think about when buying Flip Flops?


Enjoy Walking with Flip Flops

Let your feet breath and feel free by walking in a pair of good quality Flip Flops. Although you may not think they may not always be suitable, Flip Flops can be an excellent footwear choice for many outdoor adventures that involve wet and warm climates. When choosing a Flip Flop, consider its form, material and fit to optimize your comfort on the trips and adventures out and about.

Flip Flops over Shoes

Flip Flops dry ultra-quick and are very well ventilated, making them ideal for long walks that involve water crossings. Now you may think Flip Flops do not have as much comfort as shoes or grip – but this is now changing, Flip Flops are now being made for your comfort on longer walks and some flip flops also have great grip – overall flip flops are cost effective and more relaxed.

Open or Closed?

Modern Walking Flip Flops come in either open or closed designs. Open designs are more common and normally use straps or thongs to keep your feet in place, whereas a closed design has a cover extending over the whole foot, with ventilation included for dirt and water to leave the shoe. While closed designs can protect you from large rocks the open designs are much lighter more comfortable and much more breathable for your feet.

Think Sole

The material used for the sole affects traction and durability.

Soles made of rubber can wear down reasonably quick but are very light weight for easy walking. Polyurethane soles can be more durable and ridged but normally a lot heavier that rubber, sometimes weighing more than twice the weight than rubber soles. Some soles can be made of organic, leather and cork materials, but these are not ideal for long walks because of their lack of durability, traction and not great when used in wet conditions.

Support and Comfort

Different brands use different models or molds which creates the base of a Flip Flop, and the brand whose mold is most similar to your feet is most likely to have the most comfortable Flip Flops for you. Some Flip Flops will have a break-in period which allows the footwear to mold into your foot; sometimes you will find the most comfortable Flip Flop over time won’t be the best one right out of the box.





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