Do you remember when…


Flip Flops to slappy happy Sandals moving forward in the fashion world

When thinking of flip-flops, the 1970’s rings a bell if you think back the big white foam sole and chunky V shaped Thong separating the toes from the big boy toe, and you could certainly hear them coming with the click clackety clack sound.

When the word “thong” is used now people get confused between a flip flop and a ladies undergarment, but back in the 1970’s people new that “thong” only meant one thing, Flip Flops.

Some people used to call them slaps, but people who knew their history knew them as Zori which was is the traditional Japanese style footwear. Remember in order to truly walk like an Egyptian get yourself in thongs (Flip Flops).

Flip-flops represent a summer lifestyle. When you see a pair you instantly think of Sea, Sand, Blue Sky, Holiday, sun and sun loungers.

This year you will see Flip Flops are not only strolling on the beach but in other areas of town as well.

We are talking relaxing at home with them on, strolling to the shops to pick up some milk, going to the gym, going out for lunch and we are now even seeing them making appearances at weddings!

But these aren’t the Flip Flops that your parents wore in past summers. These are funky, cool and comfy. Wearing a pair of today’s flip-flops is a fashion statement and why not if it’s comfy and looks good, there are so many styles to fit anyone’s sunny personality.

Just take a look for yourself you can get Ultra bright flip flops, two tone colours, flip flops with studded design, men’s darker colours with hints of bright colours, stripe flip flops, the list goes on.