No. 1 For Walking on the Beach


The Best Footwear for Walking on the Beach

For ultimate experience beach walking the best footwear will be supportive, safe and comfortable. For short or long distance walking the rubber soled thong Flip Flops can be the best and ideal. You don’t want to be wearing enclosed sandals or shoes on the beach, as you will find your feet clammy and sweaty. You will also find that they would be clumpy and heavy. One of the reasons we go to the beach is to feel the sand and the sea air which is why the Flip Flop Thong model is the best choice to let your feet breath, get wet and not have to worry.

Common Pitfalls

The reason it’s best to wear Flip Flops rather than your bear feet is for protection from sharp objects hidden in the sand. Anything from trash to glass to shells can be hidden in the sand and can make a deep cut when met with an unprotected foot.  Stay Safe and enjoy the Beach in Flip Flops.