Men’s Footwear Styles



Choosing the right footwear for the warm summer months can often become a bit of a pickle. We want to be as comfortable as we can, without our feet getting to hot and clammy.

Flip Flops

As soon as the warmth of the sun comes out, you can bet that you will see men out all over the country wearing Flip Flops, shots and tops off, Flip Flops are so popular now more so than ever as so many designs, styles to choose from.

There are great benefits to Flip Flops, like being super lightweight, breathable, they slip on and off and easy to carry.


The Espadrille is another spring to summer footwear option, which over the last couple of years have become ever so popular and fashionable. They are normally made from a Canvas material upper and a rubber sole these can be worn with anything and are definitely associated with summer.


Sandals are the third and final summer footwear option to be looked at in this article, and as usual remain quite controversial.

You will find that this year a lot of Brands and fashion shop have tried hard to modernise sandals and believe they will become trendier to wear; the majority of most men instantly dismiss the idea of purchasing and wearing Sandals and see them as feminine or faux pas.