Men’s Footwear Fasion


A Perfect Shoe Collection for a Man

Men need a versatile shoe collection that will take them from the work place to the football field and beyond. The key to creating a successful shoe collection is finding shoes that will satisfy all your needs for the weekday and the weekend. After locking in your schedule, think about your personal style and any foot concerns/desires. Then prepare yourself with cash and confidence as you search for the footwear that will have you strolling in style and feeling comfy all day long.

Sporty Shoes

Men that love a bit of sport will certainly need a pair of athletic shoes, try to choose a pair with good arch support, smooth tread and good shock absorption dependant on what sport they are for. Football players will need a well tight fitted boot/shoe that provides good traction and stability in all types of conditions, while Tennis players may want to go for a thicker sole for quick side step movements helps with less tension to the ankle. It’s also important to get shoes that support your specific foot issues if any and make sure to get your feet measured.

Casual Shoes

Canvas or leather lace-up shoes are just a couple of examples that can be worn day and night. A must have a pair of light flat canvas shoes that can be worn with anything from cargo shorts, Jeans, Chino’s or a smart suit. In the summer or when it’s warm get yourself a few pairs of Flip Flops/Sandals that can be worn to the beach or around town, for the evening a pair of smart boat shoes will look the part with shorts or long trousers.

Boots and High Tops

Winter time you want to keep your feet warm and snug, a must have is a pair of Boots whether it be leather or suede both will be just fine to wear out anytime anywhere and goes nicely with Jeans or Slacks. If you want ultimate comfort and you like to wear jogger pants then a pair of High Tops will go great with these types of shoes and you will be so comfy you won’t want to take them off.



(Source: SplitShire)