How to look good and feel good without actually changing your appearance

looking good

It’s important to be in great shape and to look and stay healthy and we should all be aware of how exercising benefits us in all aspects of our life. However, our looks wont last forever so it’s important to realise that our appearance isn’t the only thing that matters in this world.

If you have a shallow or superficial mindset, it restricts you on the wonderful people you may come across in this life. Having a great personality and showing great character are a lot more important than looking good.

How much money you have or even what you weigh doesn’t define your character or personality, sometimes improving on these few points below will add much more to your personality than you realise:

·      Be independent

Sometimes, a lot of us rely a lot on other people for decision making and support in certain areas of our lives. It’s important to take responsibility for your life and make important decisions without relying on others, as if you don’t you are risking putting your happiness in the hands of others and that is never a good idea. Just give it a try it’s suprising how much better you will feel for it!

·      Be your own person

Are you the kind of person that feels uncomfortable when going against the majority in a group discussion? Or do you stand out from the crowd and voice your opinions?

You should always be your own person and be yourself, someone that has their own thoughts, opinions and ideas and voices them. Always follow your hobbies and dreams and never worry about what others think.

·      Always remain positive

It’s a true thing that no one wants to hang out with someone that is negative all the time. Negativity brings no value what so ever to  your life so always try and remain positive even through the most stressful events. Being negative is an easy way to respond to those situations, and who wants to take the easy way out of things!?

Remember the saying, positive people attract other positive people!

·      Be a confident person

Wake every morning and tell yourself you are an amazing person and that you deserve good things! It’s sometimes hard to take a step back from this crazy world we live tell yourself you are good enough and walk like the superstar that you are!

·      Learn not to always need the spotlight

If you are truly comfortable with yourself you wont need to be in the spotlight constantly and wont need attention to make yourself feel wanted. If you no longer seek validation you become a lot more beautiful to the world.

·      Be a kind person

Sometimes we take our frustrations out on others in the world when we are frustrated or annoyed, we have all been there and had a go at someone or another because were having a bad day!

Even though it’s hard, remember to put yourself in other peoples shoes when you are in one of those moods and be kind, it takes a lot less energy!

·      Be passionate

Be passionate about the things that make you excited! Everyone loves a passionate person, not boring people that just go through the motions! Passionate people energize others and will make more people what to be around you.

·        Be adventurous

Don’t be that dreamer who never takes action.  Some of the most attractive people in the world are the ones that take risks, go after their dreams and aren’t afraid to do it! Don’t just sit back and wish for things, go and get them.

·      Be grateful for everything

We all take so many things for granted in life and it is so easily done, breathing, freedom, food, family, friends. We become pre occupied in our lives and forget to be thankful for what we already have.

Remember it’s not always about possessions and having the latest clothes or gadgets, be grateful for the little things in life and that will make you so much more attractive.

looking good Source: Splitshire