Let’s Get Ready For Summer


Beach Attire

Beach fashion can be exciting, allowing you to show off bright and vibrant colours, crazy patterns and your sexy beach body. Before you leave, make sure you check the weather at the beach you’re heading to as you never know how windy it will be. If it is going to be a bit windy be sensible and pack a few extra layers. Otherwise, you’ll be wanting to pack summer items such as flip-flops, your bathing suit/swimming trunks and sundresses.

Swimsuits for the Ladies

Women’s swimsuits are normally either a one or two-piece that is used to cover the breasts and lower body for sunning and relaxing on a hot sandy beach. Though some women wear a thong bikini bottom for a near all over body tan. A black one-piece swimsuit is classy and stylish which can have a slimming effect. Two-piece swimsuits, especially bikinis, show your body off the most. Bright colour and Floral Effect swimsuits are very popular but wear whatever makes you feel good and comfortable.

The Men

Men normally wear swimming trunks to the beach and cover up with a Tank Top or T-shirt when they’re not by the shore or in the water. I would suggest going for the Boardwalk shorts or longer shorts than the small pant like ones as this can make other people uncomfortable where you may be able to see private areas more clearly. Men normally go for the dark-coloured swim shorts that blend in with the Sea’s colour, but I think it’s much more fun to go for the Bright Coloured Shorts so that the people you are with can spot you easily on a packed beach.

Bags, Shoes & Accessories

A must is to wear flip-flops or sandals without socks to the beach. You probably already have some beach essentials to pack like a beach ball, towels and of course sun cream so make sure to bring a cool Beach Bag maybe even matching your costume. Protect your eyes and skin by accessorizing with a cool hat and a swish pair of sunglasses. Wanting to make up then opt minimal and go for the waterproof mascara and bronzer, don’t forget some nice jewelry like a bracelet or ankle bracelet.


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