Let’s get comfortable


“Comfort” in fashion is becoming the trend

Is Comfort the new revolution for footwear? It’s certainly starting to look and feel that way. After many years of tripping and struggling in high and uncomfortable footwear, women are stepping down from platform and heels and stepping into more flat and comfortable footwear, wheteher it’s a flip flop/sandal, flat shoes or sneakers, shops and online stores are now stocking up on the more comfy side to footwear.

Is wearing socks with sandals suddenly fashionable

The combination of socks and sandals has long been seen as a major footwear faux pas. However this combination is becoming more popular and seen more often out and about. But proving once again that fashion is often unpredictable to say the least, wearing socks with sandals is becoming no longer a fashion disaster. This season, it’s suddenly becoming a trend showed off by celebrities and fashion industries.