Footwear Tips


Fitness Footwear Tips

Picking the right fitness shoe is crucial and can mean the difference between reaching your fitness goals or ending up on the sofa with a broken ankle. Most sports and fitness activities puts great strain and stress on the feet, ankles and legs. In order to prevent injury you need to be wearing the proper footwear which will help redistribute pressure, give you comfort and better performance.

Satisfy your Feet’s Need

Don’t think that one pair of sneakers will satisfy and complete your fitness needs. Fitness shoes are targeted and designed specifically for certain sports. You will find shoes designed for walking, running, basketball and hiking, as well as cleats for baseball, softball, football or soccer. If you plan to play these sports you’ll need a shoe specifically created for that specific activity this is vitally important to prevent injury.

Perfect Fit

Your feet are meant to swell during the day so when buying in a shop then do so at the end of the day as the shoe should fit when at its largest, if shopping online look for a measure table where it gives you the exact length and width of the footwear in CM so you can measure and compare. Wear a sock that you would normally wear with those type of footwear, you need to make sure your heel grips the back of the footwear comfortably, you do not want your heel slipping out when walking. You should also have around ½ inch of room at the end of the shoe the last thing you want is your toes all tight and clogged at the end of the shoe.







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