So What Are Flip Flops…?


Although they now come in many different shapes and styles, originally the flip flop was a backless sandal consisting of a flat sole and stayed in place on the foot with the V shaped strap at the front of the sandal.

Flip flop is an onomatopoeic name that symbolizes the sound the bottom of the flip flop makes when is it coming in to contact with the persons heel and the floor as they are walking.

 Popularity of the flip flop


Source: SplitShire

Flip flops are so much more popular than what they used to be back in the 1990’s. They used to be terribly made but now they have since become increasingly more popular due to them being better made and more comfortable

The flip flop is one of the cheapest forms of footwear and probably one of the reasons why it is so popular in developing countries. They are also extremely popular in East Asia due to them leaving their shoes outside of the house with Flip flops being quick and easy to remove. They are a popular footwear choice with people that work in farming, manual work and even construction! It has been known for some flip flops to be made from recycled rubber tires which will reduce the cost of making these even further, again making them more popular with developing countries.

Even though primarily flip flops were made with cheap rubber materials and with a disposable design in mind, some street vendors will repair your used sandals and flip flops for a small fee, so if your favourite pair gets damaged or breaks it is likely you will be able to get them repaired!




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