Flip flops – The New Trend!


Flip flops are fast becoming the new trend to wear with any outfit. As women, men and children everywhere want a pair, the popularity is endless. Their versatility, embroidery, jewels and even heels makes them popular all year round.

All shoes have some basic guidelines for wearing so have a look at this ‘how to’ flip flop guide:

  • Keep your cheaper rubber type flip flops for the beach or around your house, never wear inexpensive flip flops to a big social event or work meeting!
  • Leather flip flops are a must with your trousers, leggings, shorts and summer dresses!
  • Gorgeous open toed shoes draw attention to your feet so make sure they are well groomed! Get a pedicure!
  • Although you can go to the pro’s and get pedicures done, for the ticklish type or the shy males! Why not do it yourself at home, a pumice stone, foot scrubs, moisturizers and a decent nail polish will do the job fine! There is no need to spend a fortune on this every couple of weeks!
  • Some of the prettiest flip flops have a little heel and will give you a fab look and make your legs look great!
  • It’s a little simpler for guys and flip flops! But similar rules apply; don’t wear your ‘round the house’ rubber flip flops to formal occasions, get the leather ones out! Nothing looks nicer than a good-quality pair of leather flip flops to dress up your jeans and shorts and make sure your feet are looking dapper!




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