It’s all about the Flip Flops


Flip Flop Tips

Flip Flops are not just for the summer anymore. There are so many cool styles and colours and designs now available everywhere online and in store, there is practically a Flip Flop that goes with any outfit no matter time of year. The way to secure a great pair of Flip Flops is to make sure they are the right size, are made well and look hot, make sure you choose a design that will complement outfits in your closet.

Fit & Secure

Flip Flops are great to slip into but be mindful when buying make sure if online you check they have a measure table that shows the width and length in CM so that you can get the perfect fit. It’s also important to have grip on your flip flop to prevent slipping – make sure if you buy a pair of Flip Flops it isn’t completely flat on the bottom as it will be prone to slipping in the wet. Look for Flip Flops that have a reasonably thick sole at the back and with an arch in the centre as this will bring more comfort and it will be less likely that you will get achy feet on longer walks.rsz_1blue_mizu_sizes

Pick Wearable Colours

Buying a pair of pink sandals covered with little shells sounds good while on the beach, However, a better option would be a versatile pair that will go well with everything, from trousers and shorts to leggings and skirts, no matter what colour or design. The best for Men would be Black or Blue Flip Flops with some touches of bright colours on them for the Ladies, nude sandals are a solid option as long as you match them correctly to what you are wearing.