Flip Flop Synonyms!


More or less every celeb will have at least 1 pair of flip flops in their house, and we know that a lot of them love going out wearing them in public.

The fact is flip flops help us meet our everyday needs! They are so easy to slip on when running errands, popping into the garden and more importantly turning them into a fashion accessory.

So flip flops….A trend that’s here to stay?

When the cold hits, we all bomb around in our winter boots working our way through the slush, and as soon as that first bit of warm sunshine arrives, we are cracking out the flip flops and sandals! It’s hard to believe that even though we might go around in the tightest jeans and most uncomfortable undies, that something as casual, comfy and inexpensive as a pair of flip flops would become so trendy and fashionable!

So whilst your travelling the world looking out for the hottest new flip flop styles, keep your eyes out for the different names they might be called:

USA – Flip flops

Japan – Slippers

New Zealand – Jandals

Phillippines – Tsinelas

South Africa – Slops

Austria – Schlapfen


Source: Gratisography




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