Flip Flop Fun


Summer Birthday Party – Flip Flop Crafts

At your next summer birthday party or summer BBQ give your guests a feeling of fun and accomplishment with some cool trendy summer crafts that they can take home and show to their friends and family. Whether it’s a kid’s party or just a family get together you can satisfy any interest. If your party guests are not the most inventive or craft minded, its ok you can provide simpler crafts too.

Sandals or Flip Flops

Help your birthday group or bunch of friends transform plain and ordinary flip-flops into unique fashion accessories to wear all summer long and showing off their own designs. These are very cheap items you can grab at a pound or discount store and then provide all sorts of decorative accessories for the kids or adults, such as ribbons, feathers, glue on gem stones, fabric paint and buttons the list is endless. The Guests can start by using ribbons to tie to the front around the thong and then tie the ribbon behind the ankle like a strap. You can also personalise the Flip Flops by writing their name across the back heel of the flip flop or create their very own brand name. Use the gems stones or other small accessories to cover and glue onto the Flip Flop to create their very own master piece.

rsz_78h                                                                                                       (Source: Gratisography)