Flip Flop Fashion


Flip Flop Fun

Every winter I mooch about in boots or thick heavy shoes making my way through the slush, puddles and icy grounds, but the second those first rays of sunshine appears I’m shopping for a new pair of Flip Flops. In a world of uncomfortably cold jeans, work shirts and painful work shoes, who would have thought that something so inexpensive and casual would become so trendy and cool. Here’s a quick fashion update on the flip flop trending market.

Flip Flop Fashion

“Flip flops are back, not that they ever went anywhere,” says April Masini, the brains behind askapril.com. “This summer, flip flops are trending worldwide and are really big news. They can be found for men, women, children and teens literally in store and online everywhere with so many styles and designs to choose from.

Director of fashion strategy at online shoe store Zappos.com Eileen Lewis believes that the reason flip flops are becoming so popular is because of the endless possibilities for style and wear. It is clear to see that Flip Flops are not just being worn for the beach in summer, but all seasons and for all venues.

Trending Celebs in Flip Flops

Probably every celebrity will have at least one pair of flip flops in their large wardrobes and a lot of celebs now wear their flip flops out in public for all to see as a stylish fashion statement. Flip Flops can and are now used for everyday needs such as running errands going for lunch, chilling at home or walking round town, So you can’t blame celebs for showcasing off their stylish flip flops in public, you should do it too!