How to feel good about yourself in 3 steps

how to feel good

It is so important in life to feel good about yourself. Every day there is a lot more scientific evidence to show that how you are feeling about yourself links in with your overall sense of well-being and health. Some studies show that feelings of lowliness can start you on the path of disease or illness. Having a positive and optimistic outlook on your life, feeling good about yourself and keeping active means you are more likely to be a lot more healthier and happier.

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive and feel good about yourself due to our environments, people that we are surrounded by, our sleep regime, even the food we eat and what the weather is deciding to do on that day! We all have days when we feel like we are not good enough and insecure and that is normal, the most important thing is being able to pick yourself back up.

On the days that you are feeling low or when you need a little boost to remind yourself how wonderful you are, some of these might be helpful to you.

how to feel good

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  • Your identity

Some experts have said that if you were asked the question “how would you describe yourself?” the answer you give (in the first 5 words) will describe your self-worth and how you feel about yourself.  If the first 5 words that come to mind are negative, then you need to re think and instead of focusing on these, think about all of the things that make you so special. Think about your greatest achievements in life; you might be a brilliant parent or great at your job. Take pride in what you have accomplished throughout your life and focus on these.

  • Dis regard negativity

We all have that little voice inside our heads that helps us get through our daily lives, all of us question what we do and how we act daily. Your beliefs and values are what triggers this inner voice and if you are feeling low or not very good about yourself your thoughts are going to be negative and make you feel even worse.

Even though it can be hard, you need to learn to dispute these negative thoughts by asking yourself things like ‘is this really as bad as I think it is’ or ‘am I correct in what I’m thinking?’ Try and question irrational thoughts that you are having and ask yourself ‘how can I resolve this situation?’

Changing your negative thoughts into factual ones and thinking of positive outcomes will certainly help to disregard any unnecessary negativity.

  • Take a time out

For one reason or another a lot of us find it hard to make ourselves the priority in life. It could be because you have a family that needs looking after, or a hectic job, everything in this world appears to be a rush and we find it hard to take some time out for ourselves. Even though a lot of us enjoy taking care of our loved ones and achieving our goals at work, it is so important to take care of yourself and not neglect your own needs. Taking care of others makes them feel great, so taking time to care for yourself will bring out the same positive and happy feelings.

Although it’s hard, try and give yourself a bit of time every day to do some things you enjoy and love, pamper yourself, read a chapter of your favourite book, watch an episode of your favourite TV programme! It’s a proven fact that taking some time out for yourself improves your self esteem.

No one is going to feel 100% happy with themselves, everyday, for their entire lives! But we can certainly tweak a few things to try and help!