Fashion know how


Not many of us would pair something like a pair of flip flops with say a silk ball gown or wedding dress! However some celebs have been seen doing just this! In past years the flip flop was mainly worn at the beach or around the pool, sometimes even in the shower or around the house…. But gone are these days and we are now seeing them around the office, casual picnics and BBQ’s, parties and most shocking of all, weddings!

So we have to ask ourselves why and how over the years they have become so much more popular! Prices of flip flops can vary anything from £5 – £50! Generally fashion has become a lot more casual compared to the olden days, and the reality is people just love flip flops because they are comfy, easy to wear, cheap and fun!

There are so many styles to choose from: rubber, leather, suede, cotton, plastic and new designs and materials are being made all the time! Girly girls just can’t help but be attracted to the pretty styles with beads, flowers, sequins and jewels. But it’s not just girls who are loving the flip flop, as soon as the summer hits the guys love to slip a pair on with jeans or shorts! For them it has to be the convenience of the slipper type shoe!

A lot of teens today seem to go for the wedge type sandal or ones with heels rather than the typical in between the toe that the majority of people like and find most comfortable.

A lot of women love to get a pedicure done and will spend a lot of money on it, so why shouldn’t we indulge in gorgeous sandals and flip flops that will show off our perfectly polished toe nails and feet!? I know I am!




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