Cool Old Footwear and Some Other OMG Stuff


Most people put their socks on every morning and go about their day. They never ponder the big questions. Like, when were socks invented? What did ancient socks used to look like? … Would I look good wearing ancient socks?

If you’re one of those rare people who questions the little things in the world around them, then you’re in the right place. Check out this list of ancient everyday items, and get ready to have your mind blown. Spoiler alert, ancient socks were meant to be worn with sandals.

1.) Oldest Pair Of Socks.

These bad boys date back to 400 AD, and were meant to be worn with sandals.

2.) Super vintage board game anyone?

An Egyptian board game of “Senet,” dating back to 3100 BCE.
3.) No North America yet.

4.) Oldest Pants.

These pants are between 3000 – 3300 years old. They were found in a tomb in western China.

5.) Oldest Known Mask.

This freaking looking mask is from 7000 BCE.

6.) Oldest Recorded Melody.

These clay tablets contain the oldest transcribed music in the world. They were found in Syria in 1972.

7.) Oldest Coin.

This one dates back to 600 BCE.

8.) Oldest Prosthetic Limb.

Also from Egypt. This object was found on a female mummy. It dates back to 950 BCE.

9.) Ancient Musical Instrument

Made from a vulture bone, this flute is 35,000 years old.

10.) The World’s Oldest Recipe

It’s a recipe for beer from ancient Sumeria. Researchers have dated it back to 3000 BCE. The created beer would be very strong and even have chunks of bread floating in it.

11.) World’s Oldest Statue

Dubbed “The Lion Man,” this statue dates back to 40,000 BCE. It was discovered in southern Germany and is carved from a piece of mammoth tusk.

12.) Oldest Shoe.

Found in Armenia, it’s about 5,500 years old.

Those ancient socks actually look pretty cozy, though I’m not sure I could pull off the socks and sandals look. Share this post on Facebook and see what your friends think of these ancient things.

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