What Can I Wear With Flip Flops?


Can You Mix and showcase Polo Shirts With Flip-Flops?

Some people and stylists say that flip flops cannot be worn when out in public. Times are certainly changing and it is now becoming more and more popular to wear Flip Flops pretty much anywhere. Why you say, this is because Flip Flops are less hassle, comfortable and inexpensive. Also Flip Flops now come in so many different colours, designs and styles to meet everyone’s needs. Flip Flops also give everyone a sense of fun and relaxed feeling, so why not!


Although they haven’t always been classed as proper, denim jeans have become a real hit in American collections. Jeans with a skinny or slim fit are often the most suitable designs when wearing flip-flops because they are less likely to drag or catch the heel of your flip flop or drag on the floor. If you were to roll up your jeans you could then wear straight leg, relaxed fit or athletic jeans nicely with your flip flops and Polo Top.


There are so many different kinds of Trousers in the market today such as Joggers, Combats, Chinos to name a few which all can be styled and worn with Flip Flops and Polo Shirts. Remember that try to match your flip flop colour and style with you trousers that you are wearing. It is becoming most common now to wear flip flops with any pair of trousers and as long as you feel comfortable and happy with the look then you never know you may be the next one to set a new trend.


Shorts are a very comfortable and good look to go with Flip Flops and again there are many different types of shorts you can go for such as jogger shorts or swim shorts, clam diggers, three quarter lengths and Jean shorts not to mention the array of different Chino shorts you can get now, all of which look very cool and stylish with flip flops, whether it be a trip to the beach or a casual trip to town or even out for lunch. Note: wearing socks with your flip-flops is a fashion faux pas and should be avoided at all costs.






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