The Benefits of Women’s Flip Flops

womens flip flops

womens flip flops


When we picture flip flops we picture the sunshine, lazy afternoons and being on the beach. They are the image of summer fun and some people even relate them to having massages, visiting a spa and even meditating.


It could just be a woman’s mind that thinks this but as soon as I hear the flapping of the flip flop it makes me think of summertime and relaxing. Wearing footwear that is associated with being in the sun, feeling warmth and having fun helps us feel more at ease and we enjoy ourselves more!


 A lot of people go for flip flops because of the convenience of them, they are so easy and comfy to wear! There is no hassle with buckles, tieing laces, zippers etc. What is easier than sliding your bare foot into a shoe and being ready! No hassle of socks or worrying if your going to get a blister on the back of your heels from the rubbing! Your feet can breathe and move freely and I think this is part of the appeal and why people wear them around the house even in the cold winter months!

Cheap and practical

 Nowadays flip flops come in all different styles and materials. The more classic has a V shaped  thong but some also had a single band that runs over the toes. They are generally made with a rubber material but can also be leather, PVC, canvas and even suede. With flip flops now being designed in an array of different colours and styles you can buy them more or less anywhere and in any shoe shop. You can even find them in bridal shops, designed beautifully for weddings for brides and bridesmaids, and for a more practical use, they are a must have for the girls after painting their toe nails!




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