Benefits of a Flip Flop


Practical, inexpensive, comfy and can wear anytime.

Some flip flops have a band across the toes but the most popular ones feature a thong. Most Sandals/Flip Flops are made from rubber which is good for when you are around water. Flip Flops are relatively cheap and can be bought almost anywhere. Flip Flops can be featured in a variety of sizes, colours and designs to suit your own personal style. Flip Flops are so practical for when being at the beach, walking around town or just lazing about at home.

Potential Arthritis Relief

There is a study by Najia Shakoor who is an attending physician at Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago and currently an associate professor of internal medicine. The Study was to look at the force “load” on participants with arthritic knees wearing Clogs, Trainers, Flip Flops, Flat walking shoes and no shoes at all. Now the results of this showed that wearing no shoes, flip flops or flat shoes carried around the same in load on the knee, whereas the clogs and the trainer actually carried 15 percent more load to the knee. However these studies are initial and much too early to recommend wearing flip flops for arthritis in the knees – but potentially they could be better than wearing less flexible footwear with a higher heel.