Athlete’s Foot – Look After Your Feet


Athlete’s Foot

With Athlete’s foot there is no single best cure, but below are a few steps that can hopefully help clear you your skin up. Quoted by when your feet get damp or clammy a Fungus grows on the feet and in between the toes.

Step 1)

It is vitally important to keep your feet and toes dry at all times, after a shower dry your feet with a warm hairdryer to make sure they are fully dry, also if possible carry a clean pair of socks with you if going out, be sure to clean your feet before putting on the new clean socks.

Step 2)

If your are going swimming or to the gym and are in changing/locker rooms be sure to wear Flip Flops to protect your feet from catching the fungus from other people, as Athlete’s foot can be contracted by coming in indirect contact with the fungus. Flip flops are also a very good way to air your feet and keep them from sweeting, look to wear Flip Flops as much as possible if you suffer from clammy feet.

Step 3)

Again when you are at home try to not wear any footwear to let your feet breath, unless someone else in the home suffers from Athlete’s Foot, then wear Flip Flops for protection of catching the Fungus but at the same time airs your feet/toes.

Step 4)

Here is a little remedy to help you treat your Athlete’s Foot according to, mix 2tsp of salt in a pint of warm water and soak your feet in this for about 10 minutes, this is meant to soften the skin which in turn lessens the perspiration which will help make the infected area less inviting for the fungus to grow.

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Flip flops

Anti-fungal medication                                                                                                                         


Clean Socks